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OCA at CAALA Vegas

Outlier Creative Agency will be at CAALA Vegas and we want to help you capture your big moments! We can film your speaking engagements, interview you in our media room or simply grab some broll of you and your team. We will have editors on site that can get clips to you within 24 hours, so your followers are up to date on all the event details.

Capture Your Moment


Speaking or presenting on a panel or solo at CAALA Vegas? OCA will capture your moment on stage, cut 2 short form videos for you and provide you with the raw video to use how you like!

Starting at $500


Speaker Coverage

Raw Footage

Media Room Interviews

Boost your social presence at CAALA Vegas! Use Outlier Creative Agency's media room for interviews about new cases, your team, or any topic you choose and we will cut up snippets within 24 hours.

$500 per Session


Media Interview Mid - 45 Seconds

Raw Footage

CAALA Vegas Recaps

Showcase the excitement of CAALA Vegas! OCA has shooters capturing every moment. Get recap clips for your socials or website, within 24 hours or after the event.

Starting at $250


15-30 second CAALA Recap

Have Questions?

Contact us. An OCA representative will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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